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About Insolvency Notices

When a company can’t pay its debts and goes bankrupt or into insolvency, ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) issues a public notice called an ASIC insolvency notice. These notices tell people about the company’s situation, like its name, the type of insolvency process it’s going through, and the appointment of an insolvency practitioner.

ASIC insolvency notices help creditors, shareholders, and the public understand what’s happening with the company’s finances. They’re published on ASIC’s website and in the Commonwealth Government Gazette.

There are different types of ASIC insolvency notices, such as Winding Up Notices, Voluntary Administration Notices, and Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) Notices. They all provide information about the steps being taken to pay the company’s debts and/or restructure its operations.

If you have a financial interest in the company, like being a creditor or shareholder, these notices are important because they can help you make informed decisions and protect yourself from potential losses.

Here at ASIC Insolvency Notices we collate all of the notices that are published by ASIC and make them searchable and more usable for the public. Our service is easy to use and is free. You can check out our service at

Information Is Money

We live in an age where data is king. If you have the right data on hand you can make informed business decisions and make yourself some money. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the right data to hand then you could end up making decisions that are severely damaging to your business. This is why the ASIC insolvency notices are critical to keeping informed and ahead of the game.

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Insolvency Notices

In Australia, when a company can’t pay off its debts, it’s considered “insolvent”. And when this happens, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) releases something called “insolvency notices”. Basically, these notices are meant to let creditors, shareholders, and the public know what’s going on with the company’s finances. They are issued each time an important event takes place in respect of the insolvency and include things like the company’s name, who’s been put in charge of managing the situation, and any upcoming meetings or legal proceedings. These notices are super important because they give everyone a heads up about what’s happening and can help creditors make decisions about what to do next. You can find all of these notices in the Insolvency Notices database which is pretty handy if you’re interested in keeping tabs on Aussie companies.


How To Track Insolvency Notices

The website allows you to view all of the insolvency notices that have been created by ASIC. You can set up alerts and also search for companies of interest. All at no cost to you. In these difficult times you really need to keep a close eye on what is going on with all of the companies that you are dealing with. If you click on the button below you can access the Insolvency Notices site and you are on your way to being well informed.


Stay Ahead Of The Game

Stay ahead of the game and one step ahead of your competitors. By having up to date information about all of the businesses that you are dealing with you will be able to make informed decisions and keep your shareholders happy.

Keeping You In The Loop

ASIC tracks every important event that happens in the life of an insolvent company and loads all of these notices into a database that you can search as well as getting daily email alerts. Being informed is not an option any more, it is a necessity.

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Some Examples Of Notices

Company Name:
Caprice Charter Cruises Pty Ltd
ACN: 001 749 033
ABN: 27 001 749 033

(active from 1/11/1999)
Estimated age: 43 years
Former name:
Caprice Charter Cruises Pty Ltd
Status: Active
Insolvency Notices
Application for Winding Up Order
Register to receive Critical Alerts
Caprice Charter Cruises Pty Ltd Australian Private Company (registered on 21/6/1979) GST: Registered from 1/7/2000
Company Name:
Finch Builders Pty Ltd
ACN: 168 711 608
Estimated age: 8 years
Former name:
Finch Builders Pty Ltd
Status: Active
Insolvency Notices
Application for Winding Up Order
Register to receive Critical Alerts
Finch Builders Pty Ltd (registered on 24/3/2014)
Brighty Coffee Pty Ltd
ACN:646 097 958
Estimated age:2.2 years
Status:In Liquidation
Appointment as Liquidator
Register to receive Critical Alerts
Name:Hall Chadwick
Brighty Coffee Pty Ltd Australian Private Company GST: Registered from 23/11/2020